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The Wealth FACTOR Advantage


Are the complexities of wealth building taking you off balance?

The WealthFactor Advantage™ is specifically designed for owners of growing businesses and financially responsible individuals. Our Unique process promotes family wealth protection and transfer by leveraging customized strategies and innovative solutions. We help improve your financial opportunities without distracting you from what's important. Our Goal is to make your balancing act a whole lot easier.

Step 5: Continuing Development

We don't just review your finances - we deepen our understanding of you. By actively maintaining our relationship through ongoing WealthFactor Meetings we remain vigilant for possibilities to improve you financial strategies and the opportunities in your family's future.

Step 4: Strategic Implementation

We coordinate all of the strategies as they fall into place. We work with efficiency focusing on keeping the process as simple for you as possible so your attention is never diverted from your priorities.

Step 3: Optimization Proposal

We match your vision against the proposed solutions. We also note any other weaknesses we recognize and present you with resources to help strengthen them. Once we have your commitment to action we'll move towards your goal of securing your financial life for you and your family.

Step 2: Opportunity Analysis

We use your ideal future to analyze the information. We then put together a list of potential solutions and unique strategies that can help solve your problems, optimize your business and protect your wealth.

Step 1: Vision Interview

We gather an in-depth understanding of you and your business. Once we know what you are facing and where you are going, we can identify potential issues and discuss the right options for you. We'll also introduce you to our unique concepts to quickly implement structures that help to address your concerns.