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What is an LLC with Charitable Intent?

Who Can Benefit from an LLC with Charitable Intent 

  • High Income Individuals ($315K and above) 
  • Business Owners 
  • Individuals in 32% and above tax brackets 
  • Anyone with Highly Appreciated Assets 
  • Anyone with Estate Tax issues 
  • Anyone selling fully/highly depreciated assets 
  • Owners of C-Corps- Avoid Double Taxation 
  • Business Succession Planning 
  • Overfunded or highly taxed Qualified Plans, Deferred Comp, 401k, IRA, Pensions or Business Deferral Plans 

The use of a CLLC involves complex tax rules and regulations. Consider enlisting the counsel of an estate planning professional and qualified professional legal and tax advisors prior to implementing such sophisticated strategies. 

What is an LLC with Charitable Intent?

The LLC with Charitable Intent (CLLC) is an advanced and comprehensive tax, estate, and charitable giving plan which has evolved for nearly twenty years.  The CLLC is a structure which creates the following benefits for you.  

  • A current income tax deduction which reduces up to 50% of your total tax (subject to independent appraisal.) 
  • Assets contributed grow without tax. 
  • Appreciated assets contributed can be sold or liquidated without tax. 
  • Majority of assets are exempt from gift and estate tax. 
  • Assets are creditor and divorce protected. 
  • Client and heirs maintain total control over the assets transferred to the CLLC.
  •  Client and heirs will make substantial charitable gifts to their preferred designated charities.
  • 98% to 99% of asset and income gifted to charity 

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